Nintendo E-Reader Technical Details
(last updated Nov 30, 2005)

e-reader dot code block.jpg - e-reader strip to raw encoding/decoding info. The only thing remaining to be cracked with the e-reader is the nintendo specific reed-solomon codes.

e-reader save file format - a description of the file format, used by the e-reader / e-reader+ saves.

crc calculator (source code) - A tool that will calculate the correct CRC for the e-reader saves.

*Updated Nov 13, 2005* Nintendo E-Reader dotcode bin maker - A tool to make a set of Nintendo E-Reader dotcode bin files, given a vpk file.  Source code is included

Nintendo E-Reader card bin formats - a discription of the bin formats, specifically the application formats at the moment.  I plan on reverse engineering the other format, especially the construction Escape format.

*Updated Nov 15, 2005* VBA 1.7.2 e-reader - A version of VBA with e-reader scan support.  One thing it does, is correct any raw files scanned, if they are correctable. (usually, uncorrectable raw files come up with a read error.)  There is also bin support included as well. (Note, if you open a valid dotcode bin, it will encode it to raw, then ask you where to save the freshly encoded raw file. If you choose to hit cancel, the bin will still load.) (do NOT ask me where to find the eReader roms. If you have the means to dump the eReader cards, you also have the means to dump the roms yourself. ("mb -1 ereader.gba -w 50"), otherwise, google is your friend.  (source code included)

*Updated Nov 24, 2005*  mbv2 card dumper - An e-reader bin/raw dumping tool. You will need an MBV2 cable to use this. A flash upload utility is included, if you are not able/willing to print the dotcodes yourself.

*Updated Nov 30, 2005* NVPKTool - A vpk compression tool, used for compressing gba/nes/z80 bins for use in a save file, or in e-Reader dotcode sets.  To get the best available compression, play around with both the lzwindow option and the lzsize option.  In my testing with a few official vpks, with defaults, I have been able to get better compression that what was originally obtained when nintendo compressed it.

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