Nintendo E-Reader SMA4 (Unreleased) cards
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2009

Proof that dotcodes can be Printed and Scanned.

Title Type Region **
Powerups (All cards, with official Identifiers now.) Power Ups US
Switches (with the official Identifiers now.) Power Ups US
Levels (Mushroom 11-30, Star 2-5, Promotional Spiked Fortress) (Fully translated titles) Levels US
Mushroom 11-18 (All E / Ace coins) Demo US
Spiked Fortress Unlimited 1-Ups Demo US
Zowayix's SMA4-e TAS
missing Bombarded by Bob-ombs,
Airship 1,
Bowsers Airship part 2
Demo US, Japan

SMA4 Europe Saves - This allows those in Europe to also utilize their e-reader for this game now. (Since Europe is still using a US e-reeader, this allows them to use US region cards. with SMA4)

SMA4Tool - A utility I have created for making powerup/demo card bin files.  You will need to encode the output bin files to raw, before you can actually print them.  You can use my custom vba build (along with an ereader rom file) to do this. (Last updated April 12, 2008. Demo replays can now be designated as Super Demo Replays)

** - Some Japanese cards were dumped. I now just have to get around to re-encoding all of the released cards for this region.

*** - I finally have a means available to encode my own Dotcodes.

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